Things you should never wear when travelling…

Things you should never wear when travelling…

Have you already booked your next holiday? Wearing the right clothes on trips abroad will not only help you adapt to the locals and thus avoid “tourist prices”, but will also protect you from pickpockets. In case of doubt, you should always take a look at what the locals themselves are wearing.

Or just visit a boutique or a local market and buy a few outfits there – you not only save on luggage on the outward journey but also have a great chance to find clothes that will not expose you as a tourist. And in addition, your new wardrobe extensions will become great souvenirs that will remind you of your holiday for a long time to come.

Things you should never wear when travelling…
  1. Bright or striking colors

It’s possible, of course, that colorful, bright, bold and eye-catching colors are the norm in your destination, but to make sure you don’t notice too much, you should stick to classic and conservative shades such as grey, navy blue or brown shades. and, of course, with black, you rarely do anything wrong.

Assemble your outfits in advance and opt for well-fitting, classic and easy-to-combine garments. You want to blend in with your destination country instead of attracting unwanted attention. And that would be possible with hardly anything better than a neon-pink tank top!

  1. Clothing with religious motifs or flags

Be sure to avoid clothing with sporting, religious or military symbols, swear words, national flags and any words or symbols written in a language that you cannot translate. There is really no need to inadvertently stimulate an emotional debate on holiday.

It is certainly not a bad idea to leave religious jewelry, such as cross chains, at home. If you can’t do without it, wear them under your clothes so that you can’t see you at first sight. If you have a tattoo of religious significance, consider covering it with your clothes.


This advice will not apply to professional photographers, who are of course traveling a lot, but as a “normal” tourist you should take one or two photos and then pack the camera aside. Nothing screams like a camera that hangs around your neck all the time, according to “Tourist.”

Not only are you generally noticed and exposed as a non-native, but even more seriously than you are targeted by thieves. Carry a smaller camera or smartphone with you that you can put in your pocket at any time. If you prefer to take fewer pictures of special motifs and pay attention to the quality of your photographic products, then you don’t have to use your camera too often.

4.Sneakers and open shoes

Even though they are very practical, in many parts of the world sneakers are only intended for sports activities. White tennis shoes, Crocs or Birkenstock slats are particularly frowned upon by Spaniards and Italians. Instead, wear comfortable leather shoes in the city and keep them polished and in good condition. White tennis shoes to be laced are the calling card of American tourists (and don’t even think of Velcro sneakers!).

If you’re on a beach somewhere other than on a beach, it’s also generally advisable to stick with closed shoes, which will help you get insect bites or cuts on the toes of gritty, sharp surfaces or shards on the road Avoid.

5.Striking jewelry

Never wear expensive, eye-catching jewelry when you travel abroad unless you want your diamond rings, pearls, and expensive watches to migrate to someone else’s collection. Since it is most likely not necessary to impress someone with your expensive jewels on your trip abroad, it is best to leave your valuables at home.

Also, you should not trust that you can keep your jewelry safe in the hotel because not every hotel room is equipped with a safe. Instead, take cheap and unobtrusive costume jewelry with you on your travels, as long as you can’t do without it.

6.Striking gestures

True, the last item on our list is not directly something they “carry” – yet the ways in which you handle your gestures are of enormous importance, as they can also have different meanings in different holiday countries.

For example, the “thumbs up” gesture in Bangladesh is an obscene hand gesture that you should avoid. Since you can never be sure of the meaning of concise gestures, it is best to avoid them in general. And also pay attention to the volume of your voiceFree Reprint Articles, as not only wild gesticulating but also too loud speaking is considered inappropriate in some cultures.

Hope You will Enjoy this Article! Happy Travelling!

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Things you should never wear when travelling...
Things you should never wear when travelling…

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