How to Increase Creativity in Kids?

Kids of today’s generation are bound amid four walls; school, home and studies. Even if parents provide the child with exposure, sports and encourage their hobbies, still the art of being creative takes a backseat. Moreover, the standardized pathways of our education system totally play with the child’s inventiveness. For an all-round development, a child’s education should stretch far more than the classroom walls; and more to the environment at large. After all, a child’s imagination is his creativity.

Importance of creativity in kids-

While our kids are natural innovators and from very early on, are super-imaginative, but creativeness, at large, offers them a bounty of mental, emotional, social & intellectual benefits. Few studies even suggests that imagination can help a child deal with pain. Moreover, it aids self-expressiveness, problem-solving skills, inventiveness and the best- child learns to cope and portray their feelings. Creativity and child development surely go hand-in-hand!

The most important question here is –

How to encourage creativity in a child?

My 4 year old loves her creative-time. Nothing artistic, she loves her simple pen & paper time and scribbles away. It doesn’t make sense but the habit of her choosing, to keep her occupied with activities, rather than a phone or TV is a win- win for me! Let your child choose and go with the flow.

Incorporate creative time – Amid the daily chaos, ensure that your child gets a little time each day doing something creative. Be it simple scribbling or coloring, keep them engrossed.

Children are copycats – If you want the child to read, start reading yourself. Similarly, be creative with the kid. Not only you are developing his skills but you get uninterrupted family time too.

Designate the place & stock the supplies- The idea of a table setup with supplies is bound to attract your child. Simple stock of papers, colorful sheets, clay, colors and I guarantee they will be busy, effectively, for hours giving you free-time and them- a sense of independence.

New activity every time – To keep the interest and the process of creating new going, introduce your child to new art forms- painting, drawing, quelling, sketching, molding etc. and let them choose and get started.

Help your child develop sense of creativity– A child should be exposed to the world. No, I’m talking about expensive over-the-board trips, but trips to museums, art galleries, scenic places and simply outdoors. Talk to them about locations and discuss as much as you can to develop their senses.

Choose a pen & paper over screen time–Children these days are technology dependent for entertainment. While an hour a day of screen time is what is recommended by researchers, our younger generation end up spending a lot more. If your kid is bored, opt to teach him an activity rather than the phone. E.g. A pen & paper and you can teach them doodling, drawing, paper games, origami and lots more.

Don’t hover! Give them space – As parents, help them take decisions and let them pursue their passion but let them tackle all on their own. If the child is stuck at an issue, ask them for their ideas, you would be amazed how they look at the problem and solve.

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