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Best Friend Forever. What is a Best Friend?

What is a Best Friend and what makes them Stand out from the Crowd of Friends?
Hope is the foundation for all relationships. Without hope and belief, none of the relationships work at all. For two people to complete the journey from being friends to best friends; love, affection, respect & trust all are equally important. Surely, friends are great but a best friend is someone you can see your true self with. In this hurried world, a best friend is the soul of your life, your partner in crime, your to-go person for each and every problem, your companion, your shoulder to lean on. But what is the secret to maintaining such quality relationships? Well, the answer goes back to what our grandfathers and grandmothers taught us –“If you want to have friends, learn to become friends first.”

For an incredible camaraderie to establish, one has to know one another for a long time, they should know each other’s habits, characteristics, vices, and virtues very well. If you are looking for a best friend, don’t be in too much of a haste to get from someone you identify with, a regular friend to best friend. Take your time and it will be worth your time and energy.

iNTELLYJELLY, an online English magazine designed especially for kids, deals with children from the age 4 to 12. Here we know what a child is going through. To benefit you all, we recommend these few rules for best-friendship. Little do’s and don’ts. These will allow you to know the basic requirement of this pious relationship and how it differs from rest all.

Do’s and Don’t Rule for Best Friends
Take a genuine interest in each other lives, likes, and dislikes.
Work on building the foundation of your friendship with trust. Believe in one another. Yes trust each other but not blindly. What’s right for one may not be right for another. Any friendship works only when two different people strike a balance and find a midway suiting the two.
Be each other’s backing forever. This bond calls for giving strong support to each other even when you are facing the whole wide world.
Don’t take your best friend for granted ever. They are there for you but whether they choose to be with you at all times is their decision. Any friendship needs space to grow, so does this one.
Be a giver, not a taker. A great friendship demands selfless giving and no ego issues. Ask what you can give your friends rather than what can your friends give you.
Yes, they are your companions but they are an individual themselves. Don’t try to ‘own’ your friend or let them ‘own’ you. As important a best friend is, so are the other acquaintances. We live in a social world and have to behave our best socially. Keep your best friend close but don’t let formal knowns disbar you both.
Don’t talk about your friend to others. Stay loyal! Loyalty is a rare commodity in today’s world. Don’t get jealousy and envy come anywhere close. Also, don’t drag other people into your union.
Constantly be honest with each other. A best is the one whose opinion will always be authentic yet caring. If you know either one of you is heading for woe, talk about it in a concerned way
If for some reason, things don’t work about between you two, don’t end it all. Stay friendly! Be a positive person. Give value to the past association and keep being friends. You never know when one might need the other.
Cherish such friends and keep them close to you. Remember your friends, spend time with them and if staying away, call them. Best friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. Learn to live your life amidst such beautiful friendships.

“A good friend knows all your stories and experiences but a best friend has lived those with you.

Step by step instructions to Travel on a Tight spending plan (Best Hotel Deals, Car Rental, Trip Advice)

Let’s be honest! Going on a careful spending plan with family appears to be a LOT of work. It regularly turns out as an additional consumption put on our month to month tabs of social insurance, children’s training, house lease, etc. Regularly, the ‘quality’ family time assumes a lower priority among all the inevitable duties and the bonds which we esteem the most aren’t given sufficient sustaining.

In any case, with appropriate money related arranging (and a couple of bargains), going on a careful spending plan is conceivable, particularly as of late where we are offered a bunch of choices to look over. It will require your aptitude of research, a touch of math and a feeling of timing to travel modest and remain inside your financial limit regardless of your family size.

Here are a couple of spending travel tips for arranging your next excursion successfully. When you wrap up this post, you’ll realize how to save money on nearly everything without exception. Transport removes the lump of our cash so we should begin with that.

Saving money on Airfare/Train Fare

It is regular information that in the event that you book during the pinnacle season or close to your dates of movement, the airfare is practically twofold than what you’d need to pay 4 months sooner. This is the reason you have to design your get-away well ahead. Most families set out on their family endeavors during summer excursions when everybody has their days off. Plan your office leaves to agree with your youngsters’ school get-aways and book your tickets with time close by.

Another hack is to analyze the costs among the planes’ and trains’ tickets. To certain goals, going on a tight spending plan with family is conceivable through air as its less expensive than trains. For short separation, consider seat vehicle tickets instead of AC compartments to set aside cash. Search for cashback choices while booking and use doors that offer limits.

Eliminating Car Rentals

Pick your best spending travel goals shrewdly as certain urban areas are costlier than others. You can land and book a self-drive vehicle to abstain from spending more on vehicle rentals. Abstain from falling upon online administrations until it’s totally essential and stick to neighborhood contracts. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can get a rebate or cashback by employing on the web, let it all out.

Locate the best inn bargains

Book your housing at the hour of purchasing your movement passes to maintain a strategic distance from the pinnacle season booking surge. Go online to look at the best arrangements accessible for your best spending travel goals and analyze the inns dependent on their evaluating and administrations. To spare further, select condo stays which are as agreeable and safe for your family as hotels,that too at a large portion of the cost. You will have your own kitchen to eliminate nourishment costs and you can pick a proper area to wipe out transportation costs.

Other going on a careful spending plan tips:

• You can adhere to nearby diners however much as could reasonably be expected and maintain a strategic distance from expensive cafés. You will discover sterile and scrumptious nourishment in the event that you glance around.

• Avoid shopping centers and purchase from nearby markets. Most travel books in India will list the area of such places.

• Opt for nothing or modest exercises when you are in an expensive city. Visit the free galleries or invest energy out in the open stops as opposed to spending on overrated exercises.

There are various approaches to set aside cash and travel on a careful spending plan. Contribute some time on movement, nourishment and discover the way that suits you and your family. Voyaging together can truly reinforce your family bonds and that is the exact opposite thing you should settle on.

Excellent Message for all…

Birth: Given by others
Name: Given by others
Education: Given by others
Income: Given by others
Respect: Given by others
First & Last Bath: Will be given by others
After Death Your
Property & Belongings: Will be taken by others
Funeral Service: Will be done by others
Still I wonder why we have the unnecessary ego problems in life.
Let us all simplify our life & Love & Live with others peacefully.

“Live for yourself, you will live in vain. Live for others, you will live again.”
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
Live for yourself and you will live in vain; Live for others, and you will live again.
Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
There is a magnet in your heart that will attract true friends. That magnet is unselfishness, thinking of others first; when you learn to live for others, they will live for you.
And so, I have to live. Because we live for more than just ourselves, most of the time we live for others, keep putting one foot before the other, left and right, left and right, so that walking becomes a habit, just like breathing. Ina n out, left and right.
For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
Life becomes harder for us when we live for others, but it also becomes richer and happier.
I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.
A great many people (not you) do now seem to think that the mere state of being worried is in itself meritorious. I don’t think it is. We must, if it so happens, give our lives for others: but even while we’re doing it, I think we’re meant to enjoy Our Lord and, in Him, our friends, our food, our sleep, our jokes, and the birds’ song and the frosty sunrise.
Live simply so others may simply live.
Youth ends when egotism does; maturity begins when one lives for others.
He was right in saying that the only certain happiness in life is to live for others.
To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty.
One of the secrets in life is that we really lead a better life when we’re living for others than we do when we’re living for ourselves, and I think that’s the way for our creator intended for it to be, is that if we can live for other people, we really leave this world in a different way.
Learning to live for others isn’t something that just comes naturally to anybody. You have to train yourself to do it.
They only live, who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive.
We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.
Forget yourself and live for others, for It is more blessed to give than to receive.
We can choose to use our lives for others to bring about a better and more just world for our children. People who make that choice will know hardship and sacrifice. But if you give yourself totally to the non-violence struggle for peace and justice you also find that people give you their hearts and you will never go hungry and never be alone. And in giving of yourself you will discover a whole new life full of meaning and love.
The way not to lead a monotonous life is to live for others.
Our society is filled with runaways, dropouts, and quitters. The epidemic of walking away has hit our land with effects as devastating as the bubonic plague, and it has destroyed millions of effective lives and relationships. We are so self-centered that we have ceased to lay down our lives for others. We have seen others faint or walk away and we have followed in their weakness. We have fainted when we could have persevered by exchanging our strength for His! With His strength, not only could we have kept on walking, we could have run!
God wants you to live for others and to live that presence well.
I don’t believe in religion. I believe the example of Christ. I believe in the example of a perfect human being that if you can live for other people away from yourself you will be happy. If you live for yourself you will be unhappy and then you will not be able to sleep or do anything else… finally. I think insofar, and I really believe this, insofar as people do live with the other fellow [God] in mind, they have to be happy you know? Because it raises you up.
If I live for self, I can only live for one; if I live for others, I can live for 3,000,000,000.
They alone live, who live for others.
She’s the sort of woman who lives for others – you can tell the others by their hunted expression.
I feel very lucky because of my parents and then my education, the opportunities that I’ve had, so I would like to continue working to improve lives for others.
The man who lives for himself is a failure; the man who lives for others has achieved true success.
The man who attempts to live for others is a dependent. He is a parasite in motive and makes parasites of those he serves.
All women are brought up from the very earliest years in the belief that their ideal of character is the very opposite to that of men; not self-will, and government by self-control, but submission and yielding to the control of others. All the moralities tell them that it is their nature to live for others; to make complete abnegation of themselves, and to have no life but in their affections.
Namely, if I am challenging the base of all these institutions, I’m challenging the moral code of altruism. The precept that man’s moral duty is to live for others. That man must sacrifice himself to others. Which is the present-day morality.
The man who lives for himself is a failure. Even if he gains much wealth, position or fortune, he is still a failure. The man who lives for others has achieved true success. A rich man who consecrates his wealth and his position to the good of humanity is a success.
By trying to live Christmas 12 months a year, we CAN make this world a better place to live – for others and for ourselves.
When you learn to live for others, they will live for you.
When you live for others’ opinions, you are dead.
They who will live for others shall have great troubles, but they shall seem to them small. Those who will live for themselves shall have small troubles, but they shall seem to them great.

Excellent Message for all…

Birth: Given by others
Name: Given by others
Education: Given by others
Income: Given by others
Respect: Given by others
First & Last Bath: Will be given by others
After Death Your
Property & Belongings: Will be taken by others
Funeral Service: Will be done by others
Still I wonder why we have the unnecessary ego problems in life.
Let us all simplify our life & Love & Live with others peacefully.

Great Benefits Of Walking Every Day…

Walking every day can prolong your life between 1.5 and 2 minutes and studies show that it can save you up to 50% on your healthcare cost compared to those who didn’t walk regularly, it is a great investment that we encourage you all to do, a great way to start is to take the 10,000 step challenge.

Walking is something that we all do every day, but most people don’t look at walking as a legitimate way to lose weight, burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. Usually, when we picture someone doing whatever it takes to lose weight, we don’t imagine somebody walking, instead, we usually picture someone running as hard as they can on the treadmill covered in sweat.

Since most people are undervaluing the benefits that walking can have on their bodies, we want to go over exactly what you can expect to happen if you simply take a 30-minute walk every day. Actually walking every day can help you lose weight well, walking is not as hard as running or even jogging.

It’s still considered a low to moderate form of aerobic exercise and if you walk either at a faster pace or for longer distances or you walk very often like every day in all these cases you’ll be adding a good amount of extra calories to your deficit.

You may have heard saying that you can’t outrun a bad diet, so you’re probably thinking that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be out walking a bad diet any time soon,

When people say things like 80% of your results come from the diet it devalues the powerful effects that consistent exercise brings to the table.

Walking is probably the most simple and popular exercise, as it can be done almost anywhere and on time. You’re just taking one step uses about a third of our body’s muscles. The recommended amount of steps that should be taken in a day is around 10,000, which is walking about eight kilometers.

However, an average office person only takes up to 3,000 steps a day, which means they are far from receiving the walk benefits.

The benefits of walking :

Lowers your blood pressure
Reduces your chance of diabetes
Lowers your LDL cholesterol
Increases fitness and strengthens bones
Improves your mood
Reduces stress and helps lose weight as well as maintain an ideal weight
Also walking acts as a natural healer, meaning your body can heal diseases just by walking, and it can be said that is better than medicine and improves the immune system expels your body’s waste.

On average, every minute that you do walk can prolong your life between 1.5 and 2 minutes. Not only is walking free but studies also show that it can save you up to 50% on your healthcare cost compared to those who didn’t walk regularly, it is a great investment that we encourage you all to do, a great way to start is to take the 10,000 step challenge.

8 Great Benefits of walking every day

1-helps metabolism

Walking daily for 30 minutes or more burns those extra calories. Brisk walking reduces the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, etc.

2-Benefits arteries

It helps to relax and to contract of arteries presenting cardiovascular risk. Regular walks increased boned into the best prevents osteoporosis.

3-controls blood sugar

A 15-minute walk after meals helps control blood sugar and reduces cholesterol levels in the blood resulting in a healthy heart.

4-Assists in chronic diseases

Maintains good health and people with heart disease diabetes, prostate or breast cancer. Studies show people with kidney disease are less likely to mean dialysis or kidney transplant.

5-Less in fact pain or injuries

Regular rocks certainly help lessen the chronic lower back pain. People who walk are less likely to sustain a musculoskeletal injury.

6-Eases knee osteoarthritis pain

Walking eases pain and stiffness due to knee osteoarthritis but also strengthens muscles which take the pressure off the knee joints.

7-Boosts creativity

Walking outdoors boosts a free flow of creative ideas compared to sitting. walking in Pleasant surroundings reduces depression and anxiety.

8- Improves mood

Walking relaxes the mind Article Submission, promoting more enthusiasm for work. walking also helps in peaceful and good night’s sleep.

How to Solve The Brother Printer Error Code 20?

Contact Brother printer customer service and get solutions to fix printer error 20

How to Solve The Brother Printer Error Code 20?
Brother printer is a famous brand that is known for the best printing services. It is very simple to use for everyone. The people can easily print out their essential documents such as images, mark sheets, and many other things. You can also use it to scan your documents. But every technical device has some technical issues. If you found Brother printer error code 20, so you don’t need to worry. The experts are always here to help. They will give you one of the best solutions with ease. The professionals have many years of experience in this field so that they will give you one of the best solutions according to your requirements. To get the perfect solutions, you can contact the experts without any trouble. Brother printer customer service is available around the clock.

Solutions to fix Brother printer error 20

To fix this type of issue, you need to apply the best solutions. If you don’t know how to solve Brother printer error code, 20, so don’t take tension. To remove this type of problem, you can apply the given solutions.

Connect the printing device in question to a different system- a computer that recognizes it as a printing device and not a USB composite device, preferably a system running on any version of Windows 7.
Wait for a few minutes for the system to successfully recognize and install the printing machine as a device.
Go to the download section of the official site of the brother printer device.
Either search for your Brother printing device using its model number 5. On the download page.
For your specific brother printing device, choose your OS version, and hit search.
Under the firmware section, hit on the Firmware update tool.
In the window that pops up, hit on your preferred language.
Press agree to the EULA and download, and the firmware update tool should start downloading automatically once you get to the next page.
Once the firmware update tool has been downloaded successfully, install it.
The system will automatically recognize your printer during the process. Follow the wizard through to the end. Once you have successfully followed the wizard through to completion, then you need to exit, disconnect your machine from the system and connect it to the system that was previously recognizing it as a USB composite device. The PC should now be recognizing it as a printer and not a USB composite device, and you should be able to print.

Ways to fix Hp Printer not Printing Color Issues…

While working with HP printer, the users may often face problems with the printing color of HP Printer. The printer stops printing the desired color or prints uneven color.

There may be a number of reasons due to which this type of problem arises.

Some of the reasons for HP Printer not printing color are enlisted below:

If the alignment of the printer is not proper.
If the ink cartridges are empty or low on ink
If the device is not functioning properly or you are using obsolete device.
If the printhead is not properly cleaned.
If the clogs get blocked
How to resolve if HP Printer is not printing proper color:

You can resolve the printer related issues like it is not printing color by focusing on the enlisted points:

Check your ink cartridge properly: you should check the ink cartridge properly whether it has low ink or empty. If it does not have proper ink then you need to replace it immediately. Be careful about the snapping in the proper slot while you are replacing your ink cartridge.

Check the alignment of printhead: While using the HP Printer, it is required to place the alignment page on with the printed side down. Due to misalignment of the printhead, sometimes the printer does not print proper ink.

Align the printer properly: It is necessary for a printer to be in proper alignment to print suitable color. If it is not properly aligned then it may create color issues.

You should keep cleaning the printhead using an automated tool regularly: SometimesFeature Articles, the printhead gets clogged due to which it causes printing issues and does not print proper color. So it is very important to clean the printhead using the automated tools.

Also go with Advanced Fixes: If you are unable to work with your printer after updating your PC or Mac’s operating system then in this situation you should try uninstalling and reinstalling your printer driver
If you are facing problem like the HP printer not printing color correctly then in this situation you should opt the basic troubleshooting steps and before printing you should check whether the printhead is properly aligned or not.

You can also contact the HP customer service if the problem is persisting for a long time or can take assistance over the phone by dialing the customer helpline number.

How to speed up laptop add an SSD. … SSD vs HDD-reliability-speed-difference- laptop-price- lifespan- durability

how to speed up laptop add an SSD. …

Which SSD is best for laptop?
Best SSDs at a glance:
Intel Optane 905P – best U. 2 SSD.
Samsung 970 Pro – best NVMe SSD.
Toshiba OCZ RD400 – best PCIe SSD.
Adata XPG SX8200 SSD – best M. 2 SSD.
Samsung 860 Pro – best SATA 3 SSD.
Intel 750 Series – best U. 2 SSD.
Samsung 860 Evo – best budget SSD.
HP S700 Pro – best endurance SSD.
What is better SSD or HDD? The difference between hard drives and solid state drives is in the technology used to store and retrieve data. … HDDs are cheaper and you can get more storage space. SSDs, however, are faster, lighter, more durable, and use less energy. Your needs will dictate which storage drive will work best for you.
What is difference between HDD and SSD? HDD: What’s the difference? A hard disk drive (HDD) is an old-school storage device that uses mechanical platters and a moving read/write head to access data. A solid-state drive (SSD) is a newer, faster type of device that stores data on instantly-accessible memory chips.
How Fast Is SSD vs HDD? But to get an idea of the performance difference an SSD v HDD speed comparison could reasonably show, a standard SSD can read sequential data at a speed of about 550 megabytes per second (MBps) and write it at 520 MBps. In contrast, a fast HDD may carry out sequential reads and writes at just 125MBps.
What is the lifespan of an SSD? The warranty for the named SSD is ten years. Also, TLC drives don’t have to hide. The 1TB model of the Samsung 850 EVO series, which is equipped with the low-priced TLC storage type, can expect a life span of 114 years.
How long SSD do drives last? Most are about two to three years, and while your drive may last much longer than that, be ready for failures after that point. Solid State Drives: Solid state drives, which have become extremely popular in laptops and desktops for their faster speeds, are different.
Can you use SSD and HDD together? If you want to get the most from using a SSD and HDD together on one computer, you can refer to this article. … However, since SSD with large storage capacity is more expensive than a HDD with same space, many users can only afford a SSD with small storage.
Can I replace HDD with SSD in laptop? You just need to get the right connector and SSDs. Most laptops use a 2.5in form factor HDD, but Ultraportable Notebook may use the 1.8-inch disk size. At the same time, a 2.5 inch hard drive has different thickness (7mm or 9.5 mm) and different interfaces (SATA or IDE, usually in laptops from 2008 or before).
Can SSD fail? Solid state drives (SSDs) are faster, more stable, and conserve less power than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). But SSDs aren’t flawless, and can fail before their expected life span of five to seven years. It’s best to be prepared for an eventual failure.
Is SSD or HDD better for long term storage? Generally, SSDs are more durable than HDDs in extreme and harsh environments because they don’t have moving parts such as actuator arms. SSDs can withstand accidental drops and other shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures, and magnetic fields better than HDDs.
How many hours should a hard drive last? 000 hours means that if you install 1.500 hard drives somewhere, they estimate that on average you’ll have one hard drive dying every 1000 hours (1500 x 1000 hours = 1 500 000 hours). AVERAGE, meaning some may day in an hour , others may die in 10000 hours, others may die in 50000 hours.
How much will a SSD improve performance? The point of installing games on an SSD is the drastic reduction in load times, which occurs because the data transfer speed of SSDs (over 400 MB/s) is significantly higher than that of HDDs, which generally deliver under 170 MB/s. SSDs can also reduce ‘hitching’ in open world games.
Is SSD good for long term storage? All this means that SSDs are a great choice for day-to-day storage over HDDs, so long as performance is bigger priority than capacity, given the relatively higher price of a solid state drive. An SSD is not a good option for long-term storage, though.
What are the disadvantages of a SSD? Disadvantages of (SSD) Solid State Drives
Lifespan. The top disadvantage to SSD over HDD is how long they last. …
Cost. If you were measuring the cost per GB of space, the SSD is a lot more expensive than HDD. …
Storage. The current marketplace has SSDs with limited storage space.
How big of an SSD do you need for Windows 10? What Is The Ideal SSD Size For Windows 10? According to the specifications and requirements of Windows 10, in order to install the operating system on a computer, users need to have 16 GB of free space on SSD for the 32-bit version.
Can I install both SSD and HDD? Absolutely, yes. Make SSD your primary AKA Master / system drive – to install the operating system, and the regular hard drive a slave – to store your important files / as a backup drive. If you are in to gaming, SSDs offer great performance increase over regular hard drives.
Is it worth upgrading to SSD? Typically, users would upgrade their RAM or Memory to get a boost in performance but now SSD drives can turbo charge your machine for a relatively small cost. … Speed – SSD drives are much faster and they do no have to spin up, they will start Windows and open and close applications much quicker than a standard drive.
Can I install a SSD in my laptop? Laptops most widely use 2.5-inch SATA drives, but you should check your laptop manual or specifications to make sure you buy the right size SSD with the proper interface. … Generally, 7mm, 2.5-inch SATA SSDs will fit even in the 9.5mm slots and some come with spacers for a tighter fit.
What causes SSD to fail? Data corruption within an SSD can cause the drive to fail. This leads to a loss of data. Solid State Drive failures include bad sectors, damage from viruses, short circuits and corrupt data. Damage to an SSD, NVMe, PCIe from a heavy blow, water damage or even short circuits is common.
How do I check the health of my SSD? Select a drive. All disk drives installed on your computer are listed at the top of the app. Click the SSD you want to check the health of and inspect the rating under “Health Status”. A good rating will say “Good” followed by a health percentage, where 100% is the best rating possible.
How do I fix a corrupted SSD? Method 1. Run CMD to fix and repair corrupted SSD/HDD
Press “Win + R” to open the “Run” dialog. Type: cmd and hit Enter to open “Command Prompt”.
Click “Run as administrator” and log in as Administrator. Type: chkdsk C: /f /r /x in Command Prompt and hit Enter. How do I extend the life of my SSD?
The following is some of the ideas to extend the lifespan of SSD:
Tweak Paging Files in Windows. …
Turn Off Hibernation (Windows Systems) …
Do Not Run Defragmentation On Your SSD. …
Do Not Fill Your SSD to Full Capacity. …
Avoid Heavy Use of Swap Space. …
Check Your SSD’s Health.
Can a hard drive last 10 years? Because hard drives can last 10 years or longer. The thing about using that 10 year old drive, is that it could fail AT ANY TIME. Whereas, if you replace it, you could depend on the new drive operating just fine for a few years.
Which SSD is best for laptop?
Best SSDs at a glance:
Intel Optane 905P – best U. 2 SSD.
Samsung 970 Pro – best NVMe SSD.
Toshiba OCZ RD400 – best PCIe SSD.
Adata XPG SX8200 SSD – best M. 2 SSD.
Samsung 860 Pro – best SATA 3 SSD.
Intel 750 Series – best U. 2 SSD.
Samsung 860 Evo – best budget SSD.
HP S700 Pro – best endurance SSD.

• SSD:

  1. Faster Read and Write time.
  2. High durability.
  3. Faster access time.
  4. Less energy consumption.
  5. Less CPU usage.
  6. Faster I/O request time.
  7. Faster backup.
  8. Produces less noise.
  9. Less heat production.
    • Faster Read and Write time: Unlike HDD, SSD stores data through means of electrical signals into the integrated circuit (or microchips) rather than embedding data in forms of digital patterns into the magnetic disks.
    SSD is 15 times faster in this process than HDD due to the above reason. The average read and write capacity of SSD is 6000 io/s (input-output per second) while that of HDD is 400 io/s.
    • High durability and reliability: As its name suggest, Solid-State Drive SSD doesn’t consist of moving parts thus it has less tendency to break down. SSD overall consists of integrated circuits which don’t break down as components like moving parts in HDD.
    Thus, has lower chances of data loss due to physical accidents or technical issues. It also has a lower rate of loss of data due to data interpretation due to the system of storing data in the form of electrical signals. In fact, HDD has a high tendency of loss of data due to the contact with the magnetic substances due to the disruption of the magnetic pattern by the magnetic substances.
    SSD has a failure rate of less than 0.5% while HDD has a failure rate of between 2-5 %. This makes SSD 4-10 times more reliable than HDD.
    • Faster access time: As I have mentioned above, data travels, stores and interprets much faster in the integrated circuit than in moving parts of HDD. Data are transferred and stored in the form of electrical signals in SSD rather than digital patterns in the magnetic disk of the HDD. Due to this reason, the access time is faster in SSD.
    But what do you mean by access time? And how do you determine the Access time of a device it is referred to the time taken by the CPU to access into the storage space of the storage device. SSD has an access time of 0.1 ms (milliseconds) while HDD has an access time of 5.5-8.0 ms. In fact, we could say SSD exhibits virtually no access time.
    • Less energy consumption: The amount of energy is required less in SSD than in HDD is due to the reason that SSD doesn’t have moving parts such as HDD. Moving parts consumes greater energy than transferring of data in the integrated circuit. SSD consumes energy in between 2-3 watts while HDD consumes in between 6-15 watts.
    • Less CPU usage: In CPU usage, SSD has the advantage of the integrated circuit in which not much thing has to be done by the processor as all the work is done in the form of electrical signals. However, in HDD, the mechanical robotic arm must interpret, and the circuit had to convert the digital patterns in magnetic disks into electrical signals. It is a long procedure in HDD which consumes time and CPU power. SSD uses 1% of the total CPU power of the computer while HDD uses 7% of the total CPU power of the computer.
    • Faster I/O request time: It means that the time required to send a confirmation signal to start the data access and data exchange between the storage device and the other hardware components of the computer while running a backup program.
    The average service time for an I/O request in SSD while running a backup remains 20 ms (milliseconds) and HDD is between 400-500 ms. SSD provides for much faster data access.
    • Faster Backup: It means the rate of storing the copy of the original copy of the data or files into the device storage (which can be flash drive, external portable hard drive or some other storage devices) so that it can restore the original copy after a data loss event is much faster in SSD than in HDD. Backups in SSD takes about 6 hours while in HDD it takes between 20-24 hours. SSDs allows for 3-5 times faster backups for your data.
    • Produces less noise: SSD produces less noise because there are no mechanical moving parts inside the SSD while in HDD there are plenty of moving parts inside. Due to above reason HDDs are nosier than SSDs.
    • More heat production: HDD has mechanical moving parts for transferring and storing of data which consumes more energy and wastes some energy in the form of heat which causes the production of heat over the HDD while in SSD, there are no moving parts, all the data transfer and storage is done in the electrical signal from which doesn’t consume much energy and heat production is minimal. Thus, SSD produces less heat than HDD.

• HDD:
• Affordable: SSD is very expensive compared to the HDD. This is due to its performance advantage over the HDD as SSD was the only device one of its kind during its release. And since SSD is more portable, durable, consume less energy, has high reliability, than HDD it has got a higher price tag. However, the price of SSD is starting to drop gradually. This might be very decisive criterion for some in case of choosing storage device for their PC.
As we can see in the above paragraphs, SSD has got more performance over the HDD and is better than HDD in almost every criterion. However, due to its unearthly price tag HDD seems to be a better choice in case of budget-oriented users. So now the question we all want the answer which one is better for you?
The answer to this question is kind of tricky as SSD is all-round better than HDD in case of performance. But the price tag of SSDs are way too expensive for some users and their right choice would be to check out for HDD which is much cheaper than SSD. However, if you could and are willing to pay such price for such performance then I can guarantee SSD won’t let you down.

Take care friends… Coronavirus: everything you need to know about coronavirus: causes, symptoms and prevention of coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken a number of lives in China and is now spreading rapidly to other parts of the world as well. We here will be telling you about some common causes, symptoms, anti-pollution masks and preventions of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus was first identified in the year 1960. Coronavirus is the name given to a large family of virus. The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus is said to have occurred in the market for illegal wildlife in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. This Coronavirus is said to have emerged in China, but is now rapidly spreading to other parts of the world as well. Various government organisations and NGOs including WHO and UNO have issued warnings and advisory to prevent Coronavirus. None of the countries as yet have been able to find an effective medicine to cure Coronavirus. Thousands of people have been found to be infected by this deadly virus. The new Coronavirus cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Here we will be briefing about the causes, symptoms and preventions of Coronavirus. India happens to be one of the top 30 countries at “high-risk” from the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus
After Coronavirus infection the person suffers from common cold and cough for two to four days followed by mild fever. However, this is not enough here are a few more symptoms that can help you detect presence of Coronavirus in a human body.

Sneezing for a long period of time
Running nose, just like it happens during a common cold
Sore throat
Mild fever
Problem in breathing and
Muscular pain
Preventions of Coronavirus
It is sad to know that till now no medicine has been developed to fight the new Coronavirus. However, WHO and Chinese medical fraternity are on their toes trying to detect the cause, effect and cure for this newly found Coronavirus. Certain government organizations in the country have however issued advisory to prevent and protect oneself from Coronavirus. Here are some of the preventive measures for Coronavirus.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water, use alcohol-based sanitizers when outside
Drink enough water, don’t let the throat dry
Take proper rest and avoid overexertion
Avoid close contact with people suffering from influenza
Use a mask when in public place
Avoid the use of animal food like eggs, meat and others
Take steamy shower to provide confort in sore throat and fever
Take acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen to reduce pain and fever
Avoid smoking and smoky areas.
Anti-Pollution Masks to Prevent Coronavirus
Use these best Anti-pollution masks to save yourself from this deadly disease that has been announced as a global threat, Coronavirus. One way we can prevent this from happening is by wearing anti-pollution masks. Buy these popular anti-pollution masks to stay safe from the effects of Coronavirus.

Home Remedies to Prevent Coronavirus
Apart from following the above prevention advisory, you can also use some home remedies to prevent coronavirus.

Have a glass of warm turmeric milk (Haldi Doodh)
Use ginger and cinnamon in your morning tea
Wash the vegetables and meat properly before cooking
Have lemon, honey in lukewarm water in the morning. You can also add a pinch of turmeric and cinnamon powder to this
Take enough fluids including juice, water, and soups

Types and Transmission of Coronavirus
Till now six types of Coronavirus have been recognized that can have a fatal impact on human life. However, some of them might not be that serious whereas others might have an adverse and serious impact on human life.

229E (Alpha Coronavirus)
NL63 (Alpha Coronavirus)
OC43 (Beta Coronavirus)
HKU1 (Beta Coronavirus)
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS Coronavirus)
Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS Coronavirus)
The first four types of Coronavirus are not that fatal and are a cause of mild influenza and fever. However, the MERS and SARS Coronavirus have an adverse impact and can lead to advanced level of pneumonia.

FAQs on Coronavirus
Q. What complications are reported in people contacting 2019-nCoronavirus?
A. People suffering from the newly reported 2019-nCoV have been found to be infected with pneumonia in their lungs. The primary symptoms include cough and cold, sore throat, and mild fever.

Q. What is the status of the spread of Coronavirus outside China?
A. Till now around 37 cases of Coronavirus have been reported around the world apart from China. The that are at risk include USA, Germany, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Australia, Nepal and others.

Q. Is there a cure for Coronavirus?
A. It is unfortunate that till now no cure or medicine have been developed to treat this fatal Coronavirus. However, WHO and China are working as a team to come up with relevant medication for this Coronavirus.

Q. How can Coronavirus be prevented?
A. Coronavirus can be prevented by maintaining basic hygiene around yourself. Washing the hands whenever coming from outside, using alcohol-based sanitizers outside before eating, using a face mask in public area, avoiding direct contact with infected people.

Q. Is India equipped to counter the outbreak of Coronavirus?
A. Inspite of the increased development in medical science in the country, we cannot claim India to be equipped to counter the outbreak of Coronavirus in India. However, the government has issued several advisories informing about the precautions to take to prevent Coronavirus.

Q. Why is India more prone to the spread of Coronavirus?
A. India being a neighbour of China is at high risk to encounter Coronavirus. There are a number of people who travel from India ti China quite frequently due to job responsibilities or for business purpose. There are chances that these travellers may act as a carrier of Coronavirus from China to India.

So here is all that you need to know about Coronavirus. Follow the preventions and stay safe!

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